About Us

Stephanie’s Linens and More is a family owned business that was started by a small Hispanic family from Long Beach, California in 2003. Imelda Lorena, CEO of Stephanie’s Linens worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years as a banquet server and captain. Imelda Lorena was inspired to start her event rental and decor company while working under the Marriott Corporation and Westin. Her interest in the event industry sparked after countless banquet setups for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, proms, etc. She felt these events were missing creativity. That is when she decided to invest in chair covers and sashes in a variety of colors.

Stephanie’s Linens is named after Lorena and Victor’s daughter Stephanie who was only 9 when the business began and has been involved until now at the age of 21. With Victor and Stephanie’s support, Lorena became a preferred decor vendor at the hotels she was working for. The family of 4 would deliver and setup 1-2 events per weekend. Lorena had to leave her Hotel jobs behind in result of her business growing and clients constantly calling. A few years later, Victor quit his job in landscaping to dedicate himself to the business full time and continue to invest in additional rentals that would add on to their inventory.

What started off with a few chair covers and a small team based in Long Beach is now a full service event rental company with 2 showrooms and 30-40 events per week all over the Los Angeles and Orange counties. Today, the business is still operated by the family. Lorena and Victor can be found at the Signal Hill showroom making sure their employees are being productive and everything is running smoothly. Stephanie manages the Irvine showroom and is dedicated to helping clients in Orange County and the surrounding areas. Stephanie’s Linens offers everything from high quality linen to white seamless dance floors for extremely competitive prices in the event industry. The family hopes their business will continue to grow and reach out to people all over Southern California.

About Stephanie's Linens

Los Angeles

Stephanie's Linens is partnered with more than 20 hotels, event venues, and restaurants in the Los Angeles County